Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Week 15 - The Living Well in Retirement Weekly Challenge

Retired? Then there a numerous benefits to be gained from making the most of our glorious autumnal weather! The weather is perfect for relaxing, walking, drinking in the fresh air and topping up those levels of Vitamin D.

What better way to enjoy all of these elements than in the company of some good friends on a golf course!

Your retirement challenge this week ... is to round up some mates, dust off the clubs and hit the local golf course!

Be warned - Mark Twain's famous quote 'Golf is a good walk ruined' will only hold true if you take the round too seriously!

In this week of your retirement ... relax, forget about the score, mingle with the local wildlife and have some fun instead!



PS: Drinks are on you if you score a hole in one! Let me know how you go!

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