Thursday, 10 April 2014

Retirement Lifestyle ... this week

Postcards from ... our first taste of retirement lifestyle, Tamworth's 41st Country Music Festival!

An amazing event, put it on your Bucket List - and book your bed in beautiful Tamworth well ahead!

Some links to explore ... 

If you could choose to stay in just one of these top 10 most relaxing spots in the world which one would it be!

Every retiree agrees that looking after the pennies is important in retirement. This Find and Compare page will links you to tools and calculators that allow you to manade your money, select the right bank accounts and loans, insurance policies, energy supplier and even broadband plan.

With Easter approaching and beautiful fresh fish on many people's menus it gives me great pleasure to share our family's recipe for quick and easy panfried King George Whiting here.

Again, with Easter approaching please share this link about the dangers of texting while driving with your family and friends - old and young. Be warned - it is graphic but powerful. Stay safe on the roads.

Ever wondered how the Greeks do those amazing whole roast lamb on a spit? Just the thing if you have a crowd coming for Easter!

A cocktail to celebrate the end of the week - and for all my exhausted teacher friends - the beginning of the school holidays! Enjoy!




  1. Lovely post, Marian. Wishing you and yours a happy and safe Easter.

    1. Thanks, Liz! Do enjoy your Easter - especially those special Easter eggs left by Easter Bunny!