Friday, 4 April 2014

Week 14 - The Living Well in Retirement Weekly Challenge

Did you know that retirement comes with money saving benefits for Australian retirees!

Those benefits range from free or discounted travel on public transport to discounts offered by hundreds of businesses - and are accessed by applying for your very own Seniors Card.

One of the challenges of living well in retirement is making your dollars go further! This is one way! And I, for one, am not looking a gift horse in the mouth!

Each state/territory has it's own unique eligiblity requirements which I encourage you to check here! If you fit those requirements follow your state's links to the online application area. It took me two minutes to complete!

Your challenge this week ... is to apply for a Seniors Card and make the most of the opportunity that the Australian - and state and territory - governments have made available to us.

Which discounts or benefits will you find most useful? I would love your feedback!



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