Thursday, 17 April 2014

Retirement Lifestyle ... this week

Postcards from ... Mesohoria, Evias, Greece.

We spent Easter in Mesohoria - the beautiful island village in which John was born - two years ago now. How the time has flown - but what great memories we have!

Here's the most mouthwatering cake I've found for Easter - Creme Egg Chocolate Drizzle Cake. It's a showstopper and I can't wait to make it!

Calling all Tim Tam lovers! I couldn't go past sharing this! What would you do with a few packets of Tim Tams?

While on an Easter/chocolate theme - here's a tipple to enjoy over Easter! Sip slowly! Drink responsibily.

Roast lamb is traditionally served for Easter Sunday lunch. Here's a fabulous recipe for Slow Roasted Greek Lamb with Tomatoes, Onions and Hasselback Potatoes.

Everyone loves a juggler. An illusionist. How about a wizard juggler illusionist! Prepare to be amazed! What this guy does will have you transfixed!

An amazing drone's eye view of Sydney, showcasing that Australian wonderful city like you've never seen it before! Click here to view!

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? What did you think you think of this weeks' jaw dropping episode?

Happy Easter everyone!




  1. And to you and your family, Liz!

  2. Greece is definitely on my bucket list, now that I have seen your wonderful photos. You have whetted my appetite!

  3. Kathy, Greece is amazing! Do visit!

    Here is a link to my post on Santorini! You might enjoy these photos too!

    And all my photos were taken just with my iphone!!!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  4. I'm sure retirement is a very hard, and stressful process. You go from a life of dedication and hard work, to relaxing, and spending quality time with your family. I'm sure living in a nice community like this would help with the relaxing process, and enjoying your retirement life.

    1. Hi Jason

      The transition from work to retirement is an interesting process - and I'm sure, different for each of us. One of the big decisions is where is the best place to live - and there are many choices. Watch out for a blog post on this very topic coming soon!

      Thanks for dropping by! Cheers!

  5. Mesohoria looks absolutely breathtaking! Oh how I wish my retirement life is as fun filled and fun as yours, when it comes. That beach is so inviting. A perfect swim destination this summer. Lastly, I'm also definitely a fan, although there was no GoT this week, but I'm excited for the next episode. Until your next adventure!

    Trudy Nearn @ Generations

  6. Hi Trudy!

    I am sure you will enjoy retirement when the time comes - there is so much to do, so many places to visit, so many memories to make! The last episode of Series 4 Game of Thrones will air here this week - it promises to be a great one! Nice to meet a fellow fan!

    Do check out our beach house renovation in my latest post! Thanks for dropping by!