Sunday, 7 September 2014

Retirement Lifestyle ... this week!

We are back in beautiful Coffin Bay this week. I wish you could be here!

I discovered the Pano setting on my iPhone and was pretty pleased with this image. It is taken from the top of the Big Sand Dune on an evening walk along Long Beach.

I loved the colours of the evening sky reflected in the tidal sand flats of Long Beach.

The long and short of it! John on the dune, my shadow in the foreground.

The colours of the sky were amazing - I wish this truly captured the beauty of what we were seeing!

Spring is in the air - the bush is blooming!

The beach at Crinoline Point looking towards Yangie on the right. That's the Big Sand Dune in the centre.

You know you are in Australia when an emu and it's chicks are foraging in your backyard!

I bravely donned my bathing suit for the first time this season and caught up on some Vitamin D! The privacy screen we put on the windows really works - this is my reflection.

Have a great week wherever you are!




  1. Nice pics. I haven't tried that setting on mine yet, must give it ago. Keep 'em coming. Sharon

    1. Thanks so much for dropping by Sharon! Do have a go at the Pano setting - it can be a bit tricky but is worth persisting! Cheers!

  2. Amazing photos. Thanks for sharing them. I really enjoyed reading your posts. Keep it up.

  3. Thanks for your encouraging feedback,Thomas! I am thrilled that you have enjoyed my posts. Watch out for another coming soon! Cheers from Australia!