Saturday, 30 August 2014

Retirement lifestyle ... this week!

It's been a while since I last posted - our busy retirement lifestyle keeps getting in the way - not that I'm complaining!

So here's an update! The work on our beach house renovation continued. New carpet was laid in the bedrooms.

With the carpet laid and a lull between the next jobs John and I shifted everything back in, packed up the house we'd been renting and headed for home - and beyond - for a few days.

We organised for privacy film to be applied to the front windows in our absence. This is a 'before' shot.

Once home we headed for Melbourne for a weekend to catch up with Daniel, Amanda and Charlie. It was foggy in those Adelaide Hills as we headed east.

Charlie is growing up so quickly - he's turning 3! Where did that time go!

Back home it was Vale Park Primary School's 50th Anniversary. We felt so welcomed - and as I walked through the school I felt great pride at what we had all worked so hard to achieve there during my 13 years as Principal.

It was a special privilege to be a guest speaker at the formal celebrations! Thank you so much, Vale Park Primary School!

We returned to Coffin Bay with the trailer loaded with the floor tiles that we had chosen to lay ourselves - saving a substantial amount of money. These are a vinyl product that interlock and do not need to be glued - just perfect for our purposes.

Putting the bunk beds back together was a bit of a jigsaw puzzle! We did the first one three times before we got the ladder in the right place!

Before laying the tiles the floor needed to be leveled with that wonderous product self leveling cement. Richie, our tiler helped out. John - you will notice - is again supervising!

Sophie and David tackled laying the floor tiles - I think they are secretly practicing for 'The Block'!

Once the lines along which the tiles were to be laid had been determined the bulk of the tiles went down quickly - it was the edges and the eight doorways that took the time. We've gone for a polished concrete look.

The very last piece of tile goes in!

Going for a minimalistic look we have chosen not to have curtains, and installed only blinds. Together with the privacy film we should be able to see out without others seeing in!

We haven't had too many disasters but this was a surprise when we opened the mirrors. Replacements are on order!

There has been a problem with supply of the range hood we ordered - and the splashback can't be installed until it is fitted - so this is the new kitchen as it is at present.

We are pleased with the living space, although it too is not yet finished. A number of new furnishings are on our shopping list!

All Alex wanted for his 9th birthday was to spend it at Coffin Bay! It was fitting that the first thing I cooked in my new oven was his birthday cake!

We're working hard - but are certainly enjoying our retirement lifestyle! I can't wait to relax on the deck one day soon!




  1. Just gorgeous, your hard work has paid off, now it's time to enjoy it!

  2. Thanks, Liz! We can't wait to just sit back and relax on the deck!