Thursday, 6 November 2014

A Postcard ... from Mykonos

It's been a while since I've posted here - my apologies - but this retirement lifestyle certainly is busy! 

Planning some more overseas travel got me reminiscing about our trip to Greece and so I thought I might share some of our adventure on the beautiful island of Mykonos.

We arrived by ferry from Santorini on a beautiful May day. The harbour was glorious.

Without accomodation organised we were so fortunate to meet someone who directed us to this amazing place.

As it was just days before the opening of the summer season we paid a very reduced rate for our luxury accomodation and had the resort virtually to ourselves! It was so fabulous that we organised to stay a further two days!

The view from our terrace looking over the sea to more of those beautiful Greek islands! Those sunbeds had our name on them for several days!

We had the infinity pool to ourselves. The service was amazing - each time we used the pool a staff member rushed out with the biggest, whitest, fluffiest towels I have ever seen!

Breakfast, included in the price of the room, was a highlight of each day! It included champagne, smoked salmon and everything in between! As much as you wanted, served whenever you requested it!

We enjoyed breakfast each day served overlooking the infinity pool! I just loved these water glasses and still covet a set of my own! Does anyone know where I can get some?

A feature of any trip to Greece is the food! And any meal is nothing without traditional 'patates' - that are a bit similar to our chips. I loved that everywhere we went you could order a range of dishes to share. Every meal was a feast!

Yes, those streets in Mykonos really are narrow and windy - and those pirates in olden days would surely have got lost! It's hard to show just how narrow the streets are - so check out John's feet. This little path is as wide as two feet placed one in front of the other.

We kept stumbling across this tile which is located on one of the narrow streets between the main square on the beach front and Little Venice. After a couple of days it became a 'marker' and we knew where we were!

Beautiful little churches like this one near Little Venice are one of the features of Greece. And that sky - it must be the most beautiful blue in the world!

NB These photos were taken with my iphone 4! No filters, no tricks - this is how it was!

The Little Venice section of town is a 'must see'! The beach is a bit pebbly for suntanning on however!

No visit to Mykonos is complete without visiting the iconic windmills. Did you know that they were built by the Venetians in the 16th Century!

I found the beauty of the windmills very hard to capture in a photo on my iphone 4. I have a new appreciation of those beautiful shots taken by skilled photographers!

Beautiful Mykonos - I can't wait to visit you again!

Have you been to Mykonos? Do leave a comment - I'd love to hear of your experiences!




  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere Marian! Wow you couldn't have chosen a more idyllic place to post about. I haven't been to Mykonos, but after seeing your delightful photos I think I will add it to the bucket list. The food looks delicious and the scenery breathtaking!

  2. Thank you, Kathy!!! Mykonos really is an amazing place!

    I can't believe that my retirement lifestyle has turned out to be so busy, interesting and fulfilling - not at all the slow, calm days drifting by that I had thought might be the case! Thanks for dropping by!

  3. How glorious! Would love to go someday.... thank you so much for sharing these photos from your trip.

  4. Love your blog and I have been to Mykonos, reading this post was a lovely walk down memory lane.

    1. Hi Kareen! Thank you for your lovely feedback about my blog! Mykonos is a very special place, and our visit was memorable! I will go back one day soon I hope!