Thursday, 2 May 2013

The First 100 Days

What a roller coaster ride the first 100 days of my new life have been!

The first heady weeks were a whirl of excitement, travel, drinking Moet on the deck of our Coffin Bay beach house and ticking one item off my bucket list – driving to Tamworth in northern New South Wales to attend the amazing Tamworth Country Music Festival. Held in January just as school goes back I had promised my husband John – an avid country music fan – that we would go the first year  I retired! It was certainly worth waiting for, surpassing all our expectations!

I felt elation, optimism and relief as I soaked up and enjoyed my first days of freedom – and also just a little bit guilty to be enjoying myself so much. I was running on adrenaline – there was so much to do!

I was completely unprepared therefore to wake up one morning to new feelings – of overwhelming tiredness and lethargy. My energy levels had plummeted to zero, my spark had completely gone. I was depressed. I had trouble sleeping. It was evident that I needed rest – both physical and mental.

Good books, the beach, sun and an understanding husband and family have got me through this. My batteries are recharging – and I’ve got plans! You can’t keep a good woman down for long!

The challenge of living well in retirement has begun!

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