Monday, 6 May 2013

Letting Go!

I received notification - via a form letter - from DECD last week advising me that my retirement had been approved. Today I saw that my position as Principal has been advertised. This means that someone will be appointed within the next few weeks to take up my job – the one I poured my heart and soul into for 13 years - from the beginning of next year.

Seeing all this in black and white – well, it was certainly a moment for reflection!

The outcome - not for a heartbeat do I doubt that I have made a wrong decision. The time was right for me. Yes, I miss the fabulous people I had the privilege to work with and lead, together with our amazing students and their families. They were the reason I went to work every day armed with the determination to do the very best that I could - it was such a great privilege to serve our school community for so many years.

I know I am not irreplaceable – I learnt a long time ago that if you put a hand in bucket and take it out it does not leave a hole! All that’s left is a little ripple!

I have the opportunity now to redirect my drive, passion, energy and enthusiasm into the things I have never had the time to do – spend time with my wonderful family including three gorgeous grandsons, to be creative, learn new things, cook up a storm on a regular basis, create a haven for the fairies in our garden, travel and explore unknown places, explore my creative side through photography, read until I fall asleep and reach out to the world through my blogs.

Yes, it’s my time now! 

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