Sunday, 12 May 2013

Magic Mondays!

Now that I have retired there is something quite magical about that most denigrated day of the week - Monday!

I am no longer at the mercy of the shrill shriek of the alarm. No longer is breakfast a rushed affair of toast and vegemite and a cup of instant coffee. I do not need - before I close the front door - to run through the mental checklist of handbag, makeup case, phone, glasses, lunch, computer, planning journal plus the myriad of papers and other items I had bought home to work on over the weekend. I no longer need to navigate the morning peak hour traffic. I do not have dozens of email to check, and I do not need to attend one single meeting!

These have been replaced with the still guilty pleasure of sleeping in a little. Upon rising I enjoy a leisurely cooked breakfast and a real coffee. My current favourite breakfast is perfectly poached eggs served with wilted spinach flavoured with spring onion and dill, on a slice of toasted homemade bread. This John and I eat outside in the garden enjoying every perfect morning that comes along - and there have been a lot lately! To start the week on a heady mix of sweat and feel good endorphins we head off for a workout at the gym. The rest of the day is then ours to do with what we wish!

It hit me like a flash the other day -  there are 52 Mondays to enjoy each year! How about that as a challenge!

Is it any wonder that these days I just love the magic of Mondays!!! 

PS:  See the recipe on my other blog Apricot Tart

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