Thursday, 17 July 2014

Retirement Lifestyle ... this week

What an epic week its been! Week 6 of the beach house renovation felt a bit like one of those reality TV home renovation episodes. With a very tight timeline the pressure was on - and the team delivered!

I developed my rolling skills on endless lengths of skirting and architrave. Note the intense concentration!!!

Sophie perfected her door rolling skills!

John is now a dab hand at cutting in!

David excelled measuring, cutting and installing all the skirtings and architraves. There was a moment of drama when it became apparent that not all of the lengths needed had been delivered. Some quick phone calls and John was able to purchase what was needed from another supplier. An early morning trip into Port Lincoln with the trailer, and the problem was solved!

Nothing like an offcut of skirting to double as a notebook!

John measured the boys on the wall they had painted! They signed and dated the marks which will be behind the kitchen splashback. Who knows - maybe it will be our grandchildren who do the next renovation!

Admiring our handiwork after a late finish. The kitchen is due tomorrow!

The all important tea and coffee bar - a makeshift setup on the tank stand!

The kitchen arrived! Unfortunately it was minus the new refrigerator and range hood - but they are on the way so we're told!

They are my cupboards! Do you think I have enough?

The cupboard cases are up - and I think it's going to look OK!

That's my splashback! Sadly it can't be installed until the rangehood arrives.

We replaced the old ceiling fans that were 'a bit 80's'!

If in doubt - follow the instructions!

In an amazing coincidence the fans we selected perfectly match the gorgeous colour of the walls!

And, yes - today the carpets have arrived!

While we worked the boys entertained themselves playing footy, searching for kangaroos in the scrub and then they discovered the Hills Hoist! A South Australian icon, every good South Aussie kid has swung on the Hills Hoist in Granny's backyard!

As well as helping with the painting I kept hot food up to everyone, entertained the boys - and took them fishing in the freezing cold when I would rather have been in my uggies making soup in the warmth of the kitchen! 

It was another week of appalling weather but a bright note was this beautiful double rainbow over Boston Bay and Port Lincoln. It was so close we could almost see that pot of gold!

Some links to explore this weekend ...

  • As I mentioned above - it's been soup weather here at Coffin Bay. Here's one of our favourite soups.
  • It's also been perfect weather for enjoying decadent cups of steaming hot chocolate!
  • Throwing the food program out the window I baked a luscious chocolate self saucing pudding for sweets the other night. It looked very much like this pudding.
  • Looking for inspiration to redecorate the renovated beach house I stumbled across this fabulous Australian online shop!
  • RV and caravaning - if you are in need of hints and tips to make your on-road adventures as enjoyable as possible here's a Pinterest board by Let's Retire that might interest you.

I hope that you, too, have enjoyed a great week!




  1. Congrats on your renovation progress! It’s nice to see you working hand in hand with your grandchildren. I guess they’ve been preparing themselves to work on the renovations when the right time comes. Anyway, I do hope you’ll be able to finish the renovations as soon as possible. I’ll be looking forward to reading your updates, Marian!

    Barry Sutton @ Iron Point Mortgage

    1. The progress of the renovation has been amazing! We are so lucky to have been supported by an amazing team of professionals as well as our family! Thanks for dropping by, Barry!