Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Retirement Lifestyle ... this week

Week 3 of our beach house renovation has come and gone! Here's what happened!

The week started with an incredible storm - the wildest weather I have ever experienced in Coffin Bay. Thank goodness all our work is now inside!

One of the old fishing boats broke it's moorings during the storm and washed up against the rocks in the Oyster Farm. I love how it was lashed to a stobie pole for safe keeping!!!

As promised all the bathroom fittings were delivered from Port Lincoln on Monday morning, despite the weather. All that's in the back of that ute is ours!

We have a spa bath!

We are good at checking paperwork! Attention to detail is important when an error or omission means a 90 kilometre round trip to make things right!!!

And, the spa is in!!! Can't wait to soak in this little baby!

John and Pete the builder began putting the gyprock up. This is John in his supervisior's position - he hasn't lost his touch at all!!!

The first bedroom wall of gyprock is complete. The house is starting to come together!

My new kitchen will go in here! I hope it turns out OK! I'm a bit anxious!

The tiling work began. This is Richie the tiler about to lay the first floor tile.

The floor of the first bathroom down! The broom handle is prevent any of us from wandering in before the tiles have stuck!

As we left for Adelaide at lunch time on Thursday, Richie the tiler was onto the second wall. It's starting to look good!

There's going to be some cleaning up to do before we finish - not that we will mind at all!

I loved this shot - it's a patch on the tiler's cutting bench. I think it looks like a piece of abstract art!

And the purpose of our flying trip to Adelaide for the weekend - to attend the Showdown! Oh, and to catch up with family, and to do a spot of shopping in the sales! 

It was a great win by the Crows - I still have a warm glow from it!!!

I do hope yours was great week as well!



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