Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Week 7 - The Living Well in Retirement Weekly Challenge

Valentines Day is not far away.

Here in Australia celebrating this day is a recent phenomenon, driven by businesses and market forces once the day was identified as an opportunity to increase business!

Indeed it is difficult to ignore the plethora of cards everywhere - many decorated with lovebirds, hearts or cupids  - while  inside words spell out silent declarations of love! We are urged to shower our loved one with flowers, chocolates, champagne, dinner ... The list goes on!

I'm not really into the commercialism of the day - but I do like the idea of taking the opportunity to tell and show someone you love how much for you care for them.

So, your challenge  - in your retirement - is to surprise someone you love on Valentines Day, even if you haven't done it before!

You don't need to spend much - you can easily leave commercialism behind. For example it could be as simple as making your partner breakfast in bed. Hint to John -  remember how I absolutely love breakfast in bed!

Cook perfect poached eggs. Make a fabulous cup of their favourite tea or coffee. Present them with a handwritten note, accompanied by a flower picked from the garden. And, of course, a warm, gentle, lingering kiss is always wonderful!

You might choose to show your love for, and appreciation of family, friends or workmates. At school we celebrated Valentines Day with a themed Special Morning Tea.

The challenge was that food had to be red, pink or hearted shaped - or be decorated with red, pink or hearts! People were so creative - think beetroot chips, beetroot dips, skewers threaded with salami/cherry tomatoes/baby mozzarella balls/basil leaves, chocolate ganache pie topped with raspberries, raspberry lamingtons, red velvet cupcakes, hearted shaped brownies, meringue topped with red fruit salad and platters of seasonal red fruit - strawberries, red grapes and watermelon with a scattering of pomegranate seeds to name a few.

Show that you care, be creative - and enjoy your Valentine's Day!



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