Thursday, 6 February 2014

Week 6 - The Living Well in Retirement Weekly Challenge

The Week 6 Challenge

A life well lived is full of magical moments long remembered!

Those magical moments are most usually not planned and are difficult, in my experience, to contrive. Instead spontaneity and openness seem to play important roles - as do being in different company, a different place, or doing something outside life's usual routines and rhythms.

These moments are also most often the result of saying 'yes' to something that one would usually say 'no' to - and involve being playful, a little adventurous and welcoming of new or novel experiences!

Your challenge this week is to drop everything and be spontaneous! It doesn't need to cost a lot - in fact it may cost you nothing but your time - and in your retirement that's one thing you have in abundance. And, as they say in the classics - you only live once!

Jump in the car, catch a bus, train or plane, ride a bike or walk to someplace you've never been! It may be nearby or far away. Enjoy the journey and experiences along the way. Drink in the views, the music, the food and wine, the air, the water .....

You never know what you may discover - but you will return home refreshed, renewed and revitalised!

Enjoy your challenge! Have a great week!



NB: I look forward to hearing about the spontaneous thing that you do!