Thursday, 13 March 2014

Retirement Lifestyle ... this week

Postcards from my Retirement Garden ... 

I cannot tell you how divine it is to now have time to smell these roses!

Want the name of a particular rose - simply leave a request in the comments box! *NB: To leave a comment or request you will need to first sign up with Google and set up a Google account - it takes just minutes!

You can view other photos of my garden on Watching My Garden Grow!

Some links to explore ...

The judges of Italy's 'The Voice' couldn't believe their ears and eyes with this contestant! Would you!

Love your dog? Here's some great tips for photographing man's best friend!

Did you know that there is a Global Retirement Index that identifies the best places in the world to retire? It is updated each year. You might be surprised at the nominations! Here is their most recent list. Any of these places appeal?

Planning to travel soon - here are some very useful packing tips for your carry-on tote!

Fascinating reading - eight ancient beliefs now backed by medical science.

I love Pinterest! You might want to follow boards on Let's Retire - my alter ego retirement presence on social media!!! You can like Let's Retire here on Facebook, and follow here on Twitter. Thanks so much for your support! A website will be launched soon!

Here's a useful laundry cheatsheet for treating common annoying stains. Yup! I spilled coffee down the front of a new white T-shirt!

The weather is perfect right now for BBQs. Here's a spicy rub to add depth and flavour to your meats!

If you have loads of lemons on your lemon tree at any time you'll love this recipe for home-made thyme lemonade.

Finally, April Fools Day is almost upon us! Want to prank someone! Look no further - your source of inspiration is here!

Have a great weekend!



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