Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Living Well in Retirement - 14 things I'm looking forward to in 2014

Having spent 2013 transitioning to retirement I'm excited about 2014!

Here are 14 things I'm looking forward to in 2014!

1. Celebrating turning 60!

Turning 60 is certainly a milestone! I am fortunate that I can look back with pride on my life's achievements, and look forward with anticipation and excitement on the next chapters of my life.

2. Watching my Grandsons Grow

Being a grandparent is one of life's blessings! We love spending time with our three grandsons, and I can think of no sweeter sound than hearing little voices call out 'Hello, Granny! Love you!' 

3. Supporting our Children

John and I are extremely proud of our son and daughter, and their spouses - the work ethic of each of these four is outstanding. I look forward this year to supporting and encouraging them in their various business ventures and watching these develop.

4. Spending Time with John

Away from the pressures of work the opportunity to spend time together with the person you love the most is one that John and I don't take for granted. Sadly it is denied many, and not always valued by others. 

5. Exploring the Great Unknown

The world is a big and amazing place.  This year we intend to travel overseas. The USA will be one destination on our itinerary - we are currently working on what we want to see - and how long we can afford to stay!

6. Beach House Renovations

We love our beach house at Coffin Bay - and in our retirement can spend more time there. We intend to make some modifications to make it even more comfortable - not only for us - but also for our rental customers. We will convert it from 2 two bedroom units to one house with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large living area. Can't wait!

7. Decluttering Will Continue

After the great start I made to getting rid of clutter and things I'd hoarded - just in case - I'm going to do it again!  I have not missed nor needed one single thing that I discarded - and now I realise that there is plenty more that I can discard. And it felt so good to let all that stuff go!

8. Providing Support to Developing Leaders

I will continue to be available to coach and mentor developing leaders and young teachers. Our school systems need the very best teachers and leaders - and they must be grown and nurtured. Sharing my years of experience and professional learning is my way of giving back to the system I was proud to be a part of for so long.

9. Blogging

I have so enjoyed discovering what blogging has to offer, becoming a part of blogger communities and making new friends over the past nine months that I have been involved. I now have three blogs - what was I thinking!!! I blog here on 'The Living Well in Retirement Challenge' about living well in retirement because I was so frustrated at the negativity surrounding retirement that I was encountering - particularly online. I blog about cooking, sharing my favourite recipes on 'Apricot Tart', and started a garden blog 'Watching My Garden Grow' as a way of keeping a record of what was happening in the garden - and recording how it was growing. It just seemed easier than keeping a notebook!

10.  Become a Better Writer

As a part of my blogging journey I wish to improve my writing. I love reading posts from bloggers who can descibe something so well you can taste it, hear it, smell it, feel it! To write like this not as easy as it seems - but I'm going to try!

11. Become a Better Photographer

Confession! Until I got an iphone I'd never taken a photo in my life - but now I'm hooked! John gave me a Canon EOS 650D last year and I've finally booked into a Canon Academy course to begin the journey to becoming a better photographer.

12. Painting

I've always wanted to paint! I think it's because Art was not one of the subjects we could study if we were doing the 'O' course at Cummins Area School all those years ago. Those 'A' course kids seemed to get all the fun subjects to do - while we were stuck with double maths, physics, chemistry etc. Now's my chance!

13. Simplifying

It has been so pleasant and rewarding to live a simpler lifestyle over this past year that I intend never to complicate it again!

14. Living Life Well

In 2014 I intend to live life well - looking after my health, fitness and well being, appreciating the new freedom I have, the choices I can make and making the most of opportunities presented to me. 

Life in retirement is meant to be lived well! 




  1. Trying again with my comment... the first one disappeared!

    Great post... lots of food for thought there, Marian. You do not look 60, beautiful photograph of you!

    1. Thanks, Liz! The photos - especially those of me - would be even better if I knew how to use Photoshop! It's on my 'To Do' list!

  2. G'day and great post Marian and look forward being 50 soon, true!
    My dad always used to say, "Life is for the Living" and "We can rest when we are dead!"
    Great goals and love your philosophy! P.S. You don't look 60!
    Cheers! Joanne

  3. Hi Joanne! Your Dad was right - that's why we have to make the most of the time we have! Look forward to 50 - life just keeps getting better the older - and wiser - you become!!!

  4. great list, you have inspired me to compile my own. best of luck with your list in 2014

  5. Thanks for your feedback, Amanda! Good luck with your list too!

  6. Thanks for your wishes, Skevi! I will!