Saturday, 23 November 2013

In My Retirement ... in November

Where I live

In My  Retirement ... in November I am enjoying the spectacular display put on by Adelaide's many glorious jacaranda trees! I just love them!

South Australia is celebrating Lonely Planet's announcement that Adelaide has been ranked in the world's top ten cities to visit in 2014. Please visit!

Upgrading the House

In My Retirement ... in November we have repaired the cracks in the kitchen. Our lovely old house was built in 1904 on shallow bluestone foundations. As a result of this - in combination with Adelaide's infamous reactive soils - we need to do repairs every few years. This was the year! Oh, the dust! Oh, the mess!


In My Retirement ... in November I have been tackling the hoarder in me! It's been a very cathartic process to have time sorting through the accumulated 'treasures' of the last three decades - and I've taken great pleasure in making so many donations to local charity groups that they must all be looking for larger premises as we speak!

Christmas Preparations

In My Retirement ... in November I've been able to begin the all important preparations of the Christmas pudding early! The dried fruit and almonds have been soaking in port ready for the cooking and maturing of the pudding - and it's still weeks before Christmas!

Special Moments

In My Retirement ... in November we have celebrated three family birthdays - husband John, mother-in-law Maria and grandson Mattie. Mattie blew the candles out for his great Yiayia!

Health and Wellbeing

In My Retirement ... in November I have undergone major surgery and am now recovering well at home thanks to the care and support of my family. This medical wedge was certainly worth the expense for the support and comfort it provided when sitting and sleeping. Can't wait to get back on my feet!


In My Retirement ... in November John and I have begun planning for next year. So much to do! So little time!

What have you been doing this month in your retirement - or planning towards your retirement?



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